We start from a different place. We begin with mission, vision and values. We find the real answers through discovering the mission, vision and values of our clients. The why must be understood before the how should be carried out. Financial independence, family legacy and social capital will be the three main areas to explore, create and manage.

Dangers, opportunities and threats are evident without surprises if mission, vision and values are carefully revealed. Accountability belongs to the individual/family for what is accomplished. We assist in identifying a plan and facilitate success within the means the client can support.

T.C. Wealth & Planning Corporation begins with discovery of the needs, abilities, dangers, opportunities and threats through a one-on-one interview basis. The process of establishing each step from the prior one, accounting for personalities, disclosure and responsibilities, removes uncertainty for everyone. This provides direction, purpose and measurable achievement.

The discovery process is through personal confidential interview of needs, desires and abilities. Affirmation of these conclusions is through unique techniques and experiences. All steps go through the combination of education, training, experience and technology we bring to the table. This brings us to the realization of what the end results must be. When you know the end result, it brings you logically to the strategies, tactics and tools.

Community Involvement

The T.C. Wealth & Planning WildOnes Kids MaraFun
The T.C. Wealth & Planning WildOnes Kids MaraFun
is a unique race format that allows young people ages 6-12 to participate in their first marathon. On Monday April 4, 2011 all kids from registered schools start running or walking their marathon one Km at a time completing 41 Km by Sunday, May 15th. On race day the kids will complete the last 1.2 Km of their marathon.

T.C. Wealth is proud to be a part of The RunWild Leading Edge Marathon and the community of St. Albert. We look forward to this opportunity to participate in this event which encourages young people to be active and fit. The funds created by this event will go to the Zebra Child Protection Centre which is a very worthy cause. Sign up to join the run or contact us to volunteer. An excellent way to celebrate St. Albert's 150 anniversary.

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